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b.  5 November 1923 in Pöttsching, Burgenland (A), d. 8 October 2010 in Pöttsching, Burgenland (A); Austrian sculptor

1946-1952  Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna under Albert Paris Gütersloh, diploma in painting
1950Workshop in his parents' house, produced his first sculptures
1953Move to Vienna
1954Member of the artists' circle "Der Kreis"
1956Six-month study visit in Rome (grant from the Austrian Ministry of Education and Art), trip to Greece
1959  Commissioned by the government of the province of Burgenland to create a boundary stone
1962  Deutscher Kritikerpreis (Fine Arts category) awarded to the "symposion" group with special mention of the achievements of Karl Prantl as the initiator of the symposium concept
1968City of Vienna Award for Sculpture
1977Visits to New York and New Mexico
1978 Move back to Pöttsching, Burgenland
1986Venice Biennale
1990Construction of the studio on a field in Pöttsching, architects: Hiesmayr/Waldbauer
1991The Nuremberg Way of the Cross (1971-1991)
2008Grand Austrian State Prize

Many of Prantl's works can be seen in public places, parks and a wide variety of natural landscapes because most of them were created during sculpture symposia.

Whether they're in Berlin or Nuremberg, Osaka or Shodoshima, St. Wendel, Oggelshausen or Frenswegen, Vermont or Florida…. they can be found in the open air for the same reason!